this site issnt finished more updates are soon to come!!!.... maybe

H-Hewwow?? Welcome To My Page!!!!!! ^w^

This is my humble abode on the interwebz this site is more of a practice thing on how to code html. ill probably post my art on here sometime when i feel like it. i shall not apoligize for my colour pallete anymore if my webpage makes you blind then thats your problem xd

October-ish? 2019

  • started this blog
  • created the navigation page, about page and log book page
  • November 2019

  • November 2nd: started the update log
  • november 3rd: updated the style.css to make my website more fugly :^) also added more buttons for more pages in the future
  • november 6ish?: added links and extras page
  • november 10th: added an index for the diary page
  • november 14th: changed EVERYTHING
  • December 2019

  • december 3rd: revamped the homepage and added a naviagtion taskbar on the left, also added my cruddy art :p
  • i honestly cant remeber if i did anything in january lel

    Febuary 2020

  • added the archives for useless shite that i wont probably use or old stuff i no like anymore >:(
  • Febuary 20th: updated the index thing