• hotline miami 1 and 2
  • hollow knight
  • hyper light drifter
  • cuphead
  • borderlands 2
  • lisa the hopeful
  • smile 4 me
  • little big planet 1 and 2
  • Night in the woods
  • psychonauts (hyped for psychonauts 2!! )
  • Katana Zero
  • ATLA
  • steven universe
  • FLCL
  • bojack horseman
  • black mirror
  • kill la kill
  • panty and stocking
  • invader zim
  • Hey my name is Flip and I'm just a trash man that sits on the computer all day .Most of my hobbies are gaming, illustration animation and music making.

    AGE:i dont wanna update this page every year so just know that i was born in 2002

    HEIGHT: around... 150-180cm?

    FAVORITE COLOR:purple (very very surprising i know)


    anything cyberpunk or vaporwave related

    those videos where people would cut/beat the shit out of those foam blocks or soap on instagram

    either modern houses that look like a 7 year old designed them with legos or old decrepid mansions. there's no inbetween

    ARG's, creepypastas, cursed images, really anything that could be seen as creepy

    flash games on newgrounds or armour games