Log date 9th November 2019

aight i lied in my last post, the summer holidays are infact not around the corner, but i do have study break which is basically the same thing but with the added bonus of me stressing out about not studying for my externals which is... probably bad but probably not at the same time? like the way that my school works is that you do the assignments, get the credits and if you have enough to pass then you can pass, the only thing that externals are REALLY for is for the prerequisites which is whether youre going to go into that class next year and honesltly? the onely eternals that i have this year are business studies, physics and english which im not doing physics or business studies next year so i can just throw both of em out of the window and just not go and enjoy my extened holiday like a bawss but on the other hand, there might be something from the externals that are determintal for uni entry but i have no idea what that is because like the dumbass i am im forgetting it. eh fuck it im just going to do my bus external and my english (cant wait for my future self to beat the shit out of me when time travel gets invented :) )

also for the past 3-4 days i have been catching up on the manga series beastars and lemme tell you, im now a furry, i invied one of my friends to create a fursona with me and he hit me with the phat no which is a feels bad man moment anyways legosi best boy and haru is VALID AS HELL. we dont slut-shame in this webpage, we slut-appreciate.