Art Resources

for the poor buggers who cant afford skillshare

all of these link to mega which im pretty sure its safe? also mega lets you play mp4s on their website so you dont need to download anything... except if it's a .zip file then youre fresh outta luck pal

figure drawing 1

figure drawing 2

proko portrait drawing

proko figure drawing

art of color (or something)

digital painting

horseman color theory (????) i have no idea either

figure drawing, spirit of the pose

figure drawing, spirit of the pose 2

head drawing

steve husions head drawing and references

proko anatomy

dynamic sketching

a beginners guide to drawing proko

KJG drawing course 1

KJG drawing course 2

Websites that are cool-ish?

this is a list of very very NOT illegal websites. i am not responceable for any visuses that you get from said websites ALTHOUGH IT WOULD BE VEEERY SURPRISING IF YOU GOT ANY VIRUSES FROM THESE SITES SINCE THEY ARE EXTREMELY SAFE AND LEGAL get some adblockers and popup blockers if you dont want your computer/laptop bricked



the games on this website are virus free from my experinces and has the most variety game-wise compared to other crack websites ive visited but ive heard that theyve done some dog stuff in the past like shut down another game cracking website so all of their traffic goes to them soo if your desperate and have no morals then this place is right up your alley! :)


it'sa pretty good website for downloading cracked software buuut its in russian so you need google translate to know where your're going and what people are saying


yeah... this website is sketchy, i wouldnt be surprised if its selling all of your information to china but hey! my computer isnt riddled with adware (at least i dont think it is) so it must be safe hahahaha.... anyways this website has alot of show on it